Wood / Carving

Michael Cavanagh
Peter Koster


David Janni
Jan Kirsch
Tuve Tuvesson
Bruce Ricci


Foggy Place Soap


Mary Ann Connelly
Gertraud Fendler
Diane Ginsberg
Donal Hall
Robert Macaluso
Patricia Mudd
Patrick Belote
Deb Torguson Pollio


John Gaines
Keri Gortz
Peter Koster
Ed Nelson
Levi Smith
Tuve Tuvesson


We have the best group of artists on the planet! We bask in the talent of our RED QUEEN artists - and can not wait to see what they do next! The majority of our artists are local Eastern Shore artists, but we also have artists from across the US and the world. 



Carole Böggemann-Peirson​
Margaret Brown​
Todd Brown
Sarah Brown Clark
Jeannette Cord
Ann Crain
Doreen Currie
Abbi Custis
Diana M. Davis
Scot Dolby
Danny Doughty
Gertraud Fendler
Amy Giacomelli
Keri Gortz
Tara Funk Grim
Lisa Harlow
Ann Hayden
Melanie M. Heacock
Anne W. Holland
Janice Hughes
Diane Hurwitz-Specht
Laura Jenkins
Elaine Kaiser
Carol Keene
Barbara Kern-Bush
Lily Moon
Sherry Linn
C. Jean Loeffert
Shayla Maddox
Laura McGowan
Jane Palmer
Jeanne Paske
Ruth Radcliffe
Angela B Rienerth
Carolin Robledo
Erick Sahler
Christine Sanders
Connie Schlee
Doug Small
Gerald Stephan
Marie Straw
Nancy Still
Marguerite Swigler
Nancy Ellen Thompson
Erica Vess                          
Nancy Richards West
Norma Wilson
Allison Whittington


​Jodi Urban
April Flory

Donna Natoli



Lynn Calvert
Ann Crain
Boone Ferrebee
Gertraud Fendler
Lisa Harlow
Jay Jackson
Ruth Radcliffe
Laura Scholer
Karen Tweedie

Ceramics / Pottery

David Clark​
Sarah Brown Clark
David Crane
Dysfunctional Pottery (Karin Lees) April Flory                                       
Elizabeth Hunt                                 Ann Jones
Russell Jones
Pacific Blue Tile              
Bruce Ricci
Lynn Trott (Merryheart Pottery)
Vesna Zidovec


Melanie Carey
Jim Carey

Soaps & Potions

Foggy Place Soap